A recent newspaper report indicated that young people in Singapore aspired to have the five Cs.
Connectivity to be tuned in
Choices and the more the merrier
Cheek doing things our own way
Causes because it is hip to help
Consumers who spend first and pay later

But in Bible, the writer of Proverb 30, asked for two Gs from God; his grace and goodness. He sought the grace of God to remove falsehood and lies far from me. He didn’t want to fall into the trap of believing that corrupt principles, practices, and affections are acceptable.

Goodness of God to provide what he needed no more and no less. He was concerned that poverty could cause him to become covetous and to disgrace God’s name. But he also realized how easily riches could pamper him and cause him to deny the Lord.

Let us celebrate together,

Lift our voice in one accord

Singing of the grace and mercy

And the goodness of the Lord

God’s grace is infinite love expressing itself through infinite goodness.


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