Paris, combining the number crunching potency of computers with an exploration of the genetic code, scientists said on Sunday they had identified a new master gene in cancer as well as faulty genes implicated in breast and skin tumors.
The researchers, published by separate teams in the journal Nature Genetics, could open up avenues to identify people at risk and potentially, new drugs to block the mechanisms that let cancers proliferate, they hope. British based researchers said a gene called UTX, found in the X gender chromosome, played the role of ringmaster in 10 percent of cases of multiple myeloma and one in 12 cancers of the oesophagus. UTX controls an enzyme that contributes to the structure of DNA in our cells. The enzyme also acts as a switch, turning other genes on and off.

What is UTX
Ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat, X chromosome, also known as UTX, is a protein which in humans is encoded by the UTX gene. UTX has been linked with histone demethylation, a potential means of regulating cellular metabolism.
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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Yesterday as i've opened my yahoo message i was surprised coz an email from paypal informing that Ms. Ching Zirong sign-up for paypal (paid-to-promote). So I'm expressing my gratitude to Ms Ching Zirong for that paypal rewarded me... maraming salamat (Read more inside ..)


Yesterday I was in Tupi, South Cotabato… I thought it was another dull tour of duty but to my surprise it was breathtaking due to the fact that the scenery is quit different coz I’m in the middle of pineapple fields…..

The house of one of our client was in the middle of nowhere and had to ride in a single motorcycle and the painful part of it, the said supposed client was already residing in the proper (town) which is 5 kilometers from my drop point. But no regrets though I have to walk back to main road a kilometer but its worthwhile coz I’ve got lots of pictures taken... promise when I get back to reality I will immediately upload the beautiful views that I’ve shoot during my hike… to continue I’ve waited for a tricycle for almost an hour to advance in another clients which 7 kilometers and mind you the clients resides somewhere in the mountainous terrain so I have to rent the motorbike it’s because the terrain is unforgiving to all types of vehicles…As we are negotiating our way to tough terrain… I was praying that I will surpassed coz the driver is unmindful about his passenger. For we are traveling at the speed of 200kph … maybe because he knows the terrain…. It still tickles in my mind what had happened to us in Palawan…. Kuya Germs and I stumbled, kissing the unforgiving chops of stone… but miraculously we survived the incident....thankfully we've all reached all our clients unscratched... Still people of Tupi are hospitable and very kind to strangers… they’ve even give me a basket of fruits… which I eventually gobbled down the hill…. My work needs a lot of travel but gratifying………
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Yesterday as i browsed my mail... i was astounded by entrecard message that they are deleting my site due to pop-up and auto play audio.

Any way i have no regrets, bad feelings or what so ever about the indecent due to the fact that Entrecard help my site gained traffic, though they must inform first the user and give advise on how to deal with the problem...

Still i want to express my gratitude to the company whom for four months been there and rewarding me 4k+ of EC... maraming salamat
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"Hypocrites! you know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don't know how to interpret this present time?" Luke 12:56

"Gifted" people are good in seeing "hidden signs." One business visionary sees money trends in the next 50 years and gives advice on how to rake in millions. World renowned designers interpret fashion signs and can forecast "what's hot" for the next 10 years. Chinese businessman see money from what others think is a garbage heap and turn them into mega business controlling the national economy.

To bad though that some people don't look fat enough to see what's near enough. A celebrity mother didn't have time to see the signs of a depressed son and the suicide that ended his life. The basketball superstar missed the red light signaling that his marriage was falling apart. The business magnate refused to look at the place faces of the dead poor, who were drowned by the flashflood caused by of his illegal logging money machine uphill.
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Unnecessary costs are due to excess capacity and inefficient use of resources. There will always be necessary "cost of doing business" you would want to keep, unless you plan to close shop. These are mission critical costs that create value and assure quality, service, safety and compliance to regulatory standards. "Cost-cutting" is, therefore, a misguided if not dangerous concept that should be replaced by the more pragmatic "waste cutting." The challenge is how to quickly and accurately distinguish the necessary from the unnecessary costs. Cost reduction programs without this roadmap are doomed to cut necessary costs while maintaining the unnecessary ones.

It follows that companies with continuous improvement programs are more recession ready since they are adept at separating value-adding from non-value-adding processes. The typical cost cutter is the company is like the cynic described by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) as one who "knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." Unless he knows what is a wasteful and what is valuable in the company, in spite of knowing all the costs, he will not be able to quickly and deeply cut costs. Chances are, he will be cutting the wrong costs. We are familiar with a cost reduction program that instructs an across-the-board slashing the costs (e.g., budget, head count) by a fixed amount, which has absolutely no basis. For example, "all divisions must cut their respective operating costs by 10% within six month or else... This mindless mandate serves no purpose but to terrorize all unit heads into scrambling for sacrificial lambs (among which some golden geese may inadvertently be included) to offer t beat the deadline. On the other extreme, this order from the top may allow units heads to perpetuate their wasteful ways, which may account for much more than 10% of their operating costs. An effective and informed cost reduction scheme is neither conservative nor aggressive. It is effectively appropriate, customized and opportunity-seeking in a nature. It is about cutting the right cost at the right amount at the right place. For instance, if a unit has 40% waste, a 10% cost reduction goal will e deficient. When time is of the essence, as in an economic crisis, you would want to immediately and decisively slash 40% of its costs not by trial and error or long-term installment.

The cost reduction targets must not be uniform company wide, but be based on the waste content or savings potential of each business unit. But this task is easier said than done. It requires a profound knowledge of the process and "deep dive" process and product cost analysis. It cannot be implemented and led y just accountants and the finance staff. It requires teaming up with those with hands-on process knowledge.

Typical cost cutters, mostly bean-counting finance types, are "unarmed and dangerous." They may act to fast or too slow. A cost accounting report, known as cost variance analysis, measures the difference between actual cost of products and their standard costs consisting mainly of standard labor costs and standard material costs.

Cost variance analysis has weak spots when it comes to crisis mode cost reduction.
First, reduction or elimination of unfavorable variances may not be sufficient to offset recession-induced losses or shortfalls.
Second, unit heads of budget-driven companies may think that the ultimate and maximum cost reduction goal is the achievement of standard costs or elimination of unfavorable variances. Variance analysis favors cost containment, rather thatn the cost reduction needed in a recession.
Third, the company may have embedded inefficiencies in standard costs and budgets, effectively hiding and standardizing wastes. Process owners will think that having favorable variances (or spending less than budgeted) is just an option or a "nice to have," rather than an urgent "must do" which would be the case had their wastes been more visible from accounting records. In a recession, it is urgent to cut both actual costs and standards costs.
Fourth, a cost variance component may be used to offset another, thus discouraging solutions to the inherent deficiency of inefficiency. For instance, material cost variance and usage variance. Any unfavorable material cost variance from excessive usage due to low yields and poor quality can actually be erased or hidden by a favorable price variance through the discovery of a cheaper supplier.

Usually, in reducing labor cost, it is better to look first for waste and excess capacity in indirect labor. Wastes are easily hidden in in-direct labor simply because it has no direct accountability to business volume. You may go beyond the production-oriented accounting definition of direct and indirect labor. In sales, the relevant ratio you want to increase is direct sales manpower/indirect sales manpower. This index recognizes sales people as value-adding and all other staff in sales and marketing as non-value-adding. In general, consider everyone in the company who is doing indirect work or those who are neither producing nor selling as non-value-adding. This includes management, the most expensive indirect labor. This is where you begin your labor cost reduction and search for waste.

With or without a recession, continuous cost (waste) reduction must be done as a strategy to make your business model robust. Even during normal times, cut costs early to cope with the inflationary increase in material and labor costs, anticipated supplier price increase, customer price discount request, competitive pressures on price and cost increase due to expected product proliferation demanded by your marketing department. Finally, what is the mother of all waste? It is cutting cost in a business that is not viable if the first place. It is better to shut it down than spend time making it more efficient in producing unsalable, uncompetitive products or services. Never wast your time cutting operational waste in a business that is strategically wasteful.
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Available observational evidence indicates that regional changes in climate, particularly increases in temperature, have already affected a diverse set of physical and biological systems in many parts of the world. Examples of observed changes include shrinkage of glaciers, thawing of permafrost, later freezing and earlier break-up of ice on rivers and lakes, lengthening of mid- to high-latitude growing seasons, poleward and latitudinal shifts of plant and animal ranges, declines of some plant and animal populations, and earlier flowering of trees, emergence of insects, and egg-laying in birds. Associations between changes in regional temperatures and observed changes in physical and biological systems have been documented in many aquatic, terrestrial, and marine environments.

In most cases where changes in biological and physical systems were detected, the direction of change was that expected on the basis of known mechanisms. The probability that the observed changes in the expected direction (with no reference to magnitude) could occur by chance alone is negligible. In many parts of the world, precipitation-related impacts may be important. At present, there is a lack of systematic concurrent climatic and biophysical data of sufficient length (2 or more decades) that are considered necessary for assessment of precipitation impacts. Factors such as land-use change and pollution also act on these physical and biological systems, making it difficult to attribute changes to particular causes in some specific cases. However, taken together, the observed changes in these systems are consistent in direction and coherent across diverse localities and/or regions with the expected effects of regional changes in temperature. Thus, from the collective evidence, there is high confidence6 that recent regional changes in temperature have had discernible impacts on many physical and biological systems.

As the world warms, some extreme climate events, like the frequency of heat waves and very heavy precipitation, are expected to increase, but it remains uncertain whether or not to expect changes in the frequency of some other extremes. Moreover, it is important to note that it is not possible to link any particular weather or climate event definitively to global warming .

The causal linkage, if any, between the frequency of extreme events and global warming only can be determined through statistical analyses of long- term data, because the natural climate system can produce weather and climate events that often appear to be uncharacteristic of the recent climate.

Data on climate extremes in many regions of the world are inadequate to draw definitive conclusions about possible changes that may have occurred on a global scale. However, in some regions where good data are available, there have been some significant increases and decreases in extreme events over time. For example, there has been a clear trend to fewer extremely low minimum temperatures in several widely separated areas in recent decades (e.g., Australia, the United States, Russia, and China). The impact of such changes can manifest itself in fewer freezing days and late season frosts, such as have been documented in Australia and the United States. Indeed, we expect that the number of days with extremely low temperatures should continue to decrease as global temperatures rise.

Widespread, extended periods of extremely high temperatures are also expected to become more frequent with continued global warming , such as the unprecedented high nighttime temperatures during the 1995 heat wave in Chicago, Illinois, and the midwestern United States that caused an estimated 830 deaths. However, the global frequency of such heat waves has not been analyzed at this time.

Higher temperatures lead to higher rates of evaporation and precipitation. As the Earth warms, we expect more precipitation and it is likely to fall over shorter intervals of time, thereby increasing the frequency of very heavy and extreme precipitation events. Analyses of observed changes in precipitation intensity have been conducted only for a few countries. Perhaps the best evidence of increases in extreme and very heavy precipitation events comes from data in North America as depicted for the United States in Figure 8.1. In Australia, which is historically prone to heavy precipitation, an increase in rainfall amount from major storms has also been observed. Analyses for South Africa also show increases in extreme precipitation rates. In another area, China, where data have been analyzed for the last several decades, no obvious trends are apparent, but high concentrations of air pollution (such as sulfate particles that can cool the climate) may be counteracting such changes in this region.

There is as yet no evidence for a worldwide rise in the frequency of droughts. In the future, however, it is expected that many regions will experience more frequent, prolonged, or more severe droughts, primarily due to the more rapid evaporation of moisture from plants, soils, lakes, and reservoirs. This is expected to occur even as precipitation increases and heavy precipitation events become more common.

Humans actively and productively use and manipulate large portions of the land surface of the Earth, whether it be for agriculture, housing, energy, or forestry. These practices have created a mosaic of different land uses and ecosystem types, resulting in fewer remaining large and contiguous areas of a single type of habitat than existed in the past. Therefore it will often be difficult for plants and animals to move to a location with a more suitable climate even if a species was able to migrate quickly enough. This was not the case thousands of years ago, when ecosystems last experienced rapid climate change. Now, many of the world's ecosystems are essentially trapped on small islands, cut off from one another, only capable of travel over a limited and shrinking number of bridges. As this increasingly occurs, more species are likely to be stranded in an environment in which they cannot survive and/or reproduce.

Further complicating the response of many of the Earth's terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to climate change is the prevalence of stress from other disturbances associated with resource use. In the case of trees, for example, many species are already weakened by air pollution. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will raise the photosynthetic capacity of many plants, but the net effect on ecosystem productivity is unclear, particularly when combined with higher air temperatures or where soil nutrients are limiting.

As i've posted before about the warning from whales spotted at swallow water of Philippines, Australia, and Africa.... and recently another schools of whales stranded at the coast of Australia.... this is very puzzling why a schools of deep sea creatures are stranded at shallow water... a bizarre event that need not be ignored or a big one will happen soon.... Philippines, Australia and Africa are located at the ring of fire... where major fault line of earth and active and dreaded volcanoes are located....

Act now or we all suffer the wrath of mother nature.....
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On March 28 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm the lemurians together with the millions of people must switch off their lights for 60 minutes in support of Earth Hour 2009, a global self-imposed power blackout, is meant to remind people worldwide of the threats posed by climate change.

Will Earth Hour alone stop climate change? No. But it is a statement that we will not go down without a fight. If we don't act now then when?... if there is nothing to fight for.... It's not to late... act now or we end up like planet MARS....
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Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), the latest version of Microsoft Corp's browser, is finally available, bringing with it improvements in the areas of security, performance, ease of use and tighter adherence to World Wide Web Channel standard.

For years, Microsoft kept its own IE rendering engine that forced developers to build separate versions of webpages for IE and other browsers.

To make sure old pages optimized for IE6 or IE7 won't break when viewed in IE8, Microsoft introduced a "compatibility View" icon that users could click on to facilitate viewing of the old websites. By inserting a specially crated "meta" element into the webpage, IE8 triggers the old standards mode, emulate its behavior and show the old pages unscramble.

IE8 also behaves much differently from former versions, thanks to new features such as Accelerators, WebSlices, visual search suggestions, and Smart address Bar, among others. Accelerator is a form of selection based search that helps users reduce the number of clicks and navigation time to get to the online information they want. Users can simply right-click a word or phrases and instantly map, e-mail or share it. Accelerators are designed to help people go from Point A to Point B fast . It's an open platform for people to create their own scenarios. It is XML and CSS (cascading style sheet)based and can be crated in minutes.

Another tool in IE8 designed to maximize user's productivity online is the so-called WebSites, which makes favorite information from sites such as Digg, Yahoo!mail, OneRiot, and eBay instantly available wherever the user goes on the Web. It's the Web in a more condensed format. The technology is RSS that fetches the information needed. The RSS in IE8 can go out on the Web and fetch the information and pull it into the browser in a way that is formatted for he end users.

For users' privacy and security, IE8 contains new tools to guarantee both. First, there's the InPrivate Browsing which helps prevent a user's browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies and usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser, leaving no trace of browsing or search history. The privacy features of IE8 give users visibility and control over who they want to share information with. Users can selectively remove certain sites from their browsing history while preserving their favorite sites.

To protect IE8 users from malicious malware, phishing and other dangers, IE8 introduces a SmartScreen Filter that warns users when the sites or files they are attempting to open area potentially unsafe. If the SmartScreen filter detects a malicious website, IE8 will automatically step on the brakes and block the entire site. IE8's malware filter analyzes the software from sites and block it during download or suggests that you don't download it. IE8 can also stop "cross-site scripting" and "click-jacking" IE8's built-in, cross site scripting filter can detect these types of attacks and disable the harmful scripts. Phishing sites are immediately flagged as phishing sites. IE8 has an extremely low false alarm rate as they have the technology to scan pages and detect which are phishing sites and must be automatically flagged. IE8 malware filter can also automatically block pervasive sites or pop-ups. IE8 also works separately from the rest of the operating system so, for instance, a hacker gets control of the browser the computers Operating System, registry and file system remain sandboxed. IE8's crash recovery system promises that if a single website or tab crashes, it should not crash the whole browser. this capability is called Tab Isolation wherein each tab functions independently and runs its own internal processes. This means closing a tab will only affect that particular tab, allowing the user to continue with only minimal disruption.
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FILIPINO youth worker and teacher Efren Peñaflorida, 27, has been named a “CNN Hero,” a title bestowed on ordinary citizens around the world accomplishing extraordinary deeds. Peñaflorida will be featured on CNN’s Larry King Live (airing Friday, March 6 at 6 p.m. Manila Time).

High school was hell for Peñaflorida. He was constantly harassed and threatened by local gangs that terrorized his school. Students had few alternatives to the gangs, and were either forced into joining or dropped out of school. Despite the pressure, Efren was determined to complete his education. Growing up near the slums of Cavite City, Efren knew that, despite his problems, he was lucky.

A lot of kids with his background didn’t have the opportunity to go to school.

At 16 years old, Efren decided to combine two problems to create a solution. He recruited three fellow high-school students to go to the slums on Saturdays to teach younger kids. That was the beginning of the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC).

Ten years later, DTC’s membership has grown to 10,000 members and they have tutored approximately 1,500 children from the slums. DTC became the solution Efren envisioned. It gives high-school students an alternative to gangs and young children access to education. At 27, Efren continues to share the gift of learning. He teaches at a local private school in Cavite City and still accompanies DTC to the slums every Saturday.

Peñaflorida is the third of approximately 32 heroes to be unveiled this year. An esteemed blue-ribbon panel will then select the top 10 CNN Heroes before the international public selects the CNN Hero of the Year via voting at the CNN Heroes site www.CNN.com/Heroes

At a year-end gala, CNN will honor these 10 heroes and reveal the CNN Hero of the Year, who will receive $100,000. In its second year in 2008, the multiplatform initiative received nearly 4,000 submissions from 75 countries. A special “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute,” program will then air globally on CNN International, CNN/US and CNN en Español.

CNN is the world’s leading global 24-hour news network and one of the world’s most respected and trusted sources for news and information. The CNN brand is available to 2 billion people via 18 CNN branded TV, Internet and mobile services produced by CNN Worldwide, a division of Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and a Time Warner company. CNN International is the international directorate of CNN Worldwide and distributes news via 14 services in seven different languages. CNN International can be seen in more than 249 million households and hotel rooms in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, including more than 36 million across the Asia Pacific region and online at www.cnn.com/international

Who is Efren Peñaflorida?

He is the founder of Dynamic Teen Company (DTC), an organization training young children to become responsible, systematic and principled.

He is one of the nominees of Global Youth Awards 2008 in the Humanos category. He is also cited as one of the 2009 CNN Heroes.

He was born to Efren Peñaflorida Sr. and Lucila Geronimo. A middle child of a tricycle driver and a housewife, F! grew up near the city’s open dumpster where he plays, and swims in the garbage beach when he was very young.

He was featured in a World Vision, USA documentary about kids living in the worst conditions. Despite of these conditions, F! showed responsibility when their family started a noodle micro business to help make both ends meet. An intelligent student in elementary, he was given scholarship assistance by World Vision Phils.

A very studious and industrious F! was given several class honors and awards in elementary and high school. He was awarded highest honor for Associate in Computer Technology of San Sebastian College- Recoletos Batch 2000.

For several years, he’s a regular viajero of fish crackers from Baclaran to Cavite and sells these in school to be able to help his family. It has been his commitment to improve the standard of public secondary education.

He has been conducting free tutorial classes to more than 50 high school and college students for more than four years already. He is currently enrolled at Cavite State University, pursuing Secondary Education as a second course to be able for him to make more difference in the lives of other youth in the near future.


* Regional Winner, Outstanding Volunteer Awards
NEDA – 2008, Calamba, Laguna
* Outstanding Caviteño in Republic Service
2008, Independence Day Celebration, Cavite
* Finalist for Global Youth Awards
2008, Southhampton, UK
* Official Nominee for Right Livelihood Award Foundation
2005, Stockholm, Sweden
* Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino Regional Winner
2004, ABS-CBN Studio 1, Quezon City
* Golden Anahaw Awardee as Outstanding Community Servant
* Role Model Awardee
2004, City Gov’t Award for CAVITE CITY WEEK, City Hall, Cavite City
* Most Outstanding VBS Staff
1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 , Club 8586 Center, Cavite City
* Excellent Member Awardee
1997, LDES Multi-Purpose Hall, Club 8586 INC. Cavite City
* Model Sunday School Student Award
1995, 1996, 1997, Club 8586 Center, Cavite City

In time like this, we all need a person not politician, celebrity, or wealthy one but only a simple person who have the heart of helping others to uplift the moral not only pilipino but also to the whole world thanks to CNN for showing to the world that even we experienced the cruelty of this society there are still few out there who cares and willing to sacrifice themselves for the common goal inspired to us by Jesus himself.
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Pioneering work by Japanese stem-cell researchers two years ago has taken a major step forward, helping the quest for versatile, grow-in-a-dish transplant tissue.

Two teams have combined ideas to devise a safer technique for reprogramming skin cells so that they become "pluripoten" stem cells - fundamental cells that then grow into specialized organs.

Their effort builds on an award-winning breakthrough in 2007 by Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University

He and his team introduced four genes into skin cells, reprogramming them so that they became indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells.

Reprogramming cells using a virus modified their DNA in such a way that they cannot be given to patients without boosting the risk of cancer.

In th new studies, published by the British-based journal Nature, two squads of researchers from Britain and Canada recount a method by which the four genes are delivered into the cell without using a virus and then are remove after the reprogramming is done.

The insertion is carried out using "piggybac," a tried-and-tested technique in genetically modified crops in which mobile genetic sequences called transposons are slotted into the genome.

In the IPS work, it has been tested successfully on mouse and human skin cells. Test on the reprogrammed cells lines show they faithfully reproduce the behavior of embroyonic stem cells.

In a press release issued by Britain's Medical Research Council, Ian Wilmut father of Dolly the cloned sheep, stressed that the new IPS cells would have to be tested thoroughly for safety before being used in any human trials. Stem cells have excited huge interest over the past decade. Promoters say this material could reverse cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's and other regenerative disease.

March 9, 2009 President Barack Obama signed an executive order lifting restrictions on federal funding for medical research involving embryonic stem cells.

Obama signed the executive order on the divisive stem cell issue and a memo addressing what he called scientific integrity before an East Room audience packed with scientists. He laced his remarks with several jabs at the way science was handled by former President George W. Bush.

"Promoting science isn't just about providing resources, it is also about protecting free and open inquiry," Obama said. "It is about letting scientists like those here today do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it's inconvenient especially when it's inconvenient. It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology."
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We know now that technology has played a part in how humans have been evolving but for most of human history, technology was "tangible" -- wood, iron, plastic, silicon. Now, it is a world of 0s and 1s -- a cyber-spread of binary weaves filled with exciting information veiled as "experience" and "knowledge." It has become as intrecate part of who we are and has been redefining what is means to be human. How could a cber life, punctuated with emoticons of shouts, laughter, rage and chuckles have the power to slant who you are and who you will become?
But even in cyberspace, it seems you cannot really escape the rules of nature. Do not look at the fine print when you signed up in any social networking site because it is not there. But you are subject to it whether you agreed to it or not. It is the proverbial nature-nurture tug-o-war being played out in a cyberlab of human relationships and this is how it may be working.
I can understand how young people could find social networking very attractive and even addicting. Being on those sites gives you a constant audience for all your whoa s, grunts and sighs which is especially reassuring if you are young and not so.... I have not forgotten the youthful thrill of getting to know people and knowing yourself more through new friendships. I can also even understand how otherwise very reserved people could suddenly be so ready to inform others of their activities and whereabouts in click-speed. But I really find it hard to understand how others could treat it as a substitute for life, for the raw unbearable goodness that a string of 0s and 1s could never endow our humanity. I think Greenfield flagged a very good point of comparison between reading a novel and being in a social networking site when Wintour quoted her as saying: "Unlike the games to rescue the princess, where the goal is to feel rewarded, the aim of reading a book is, after all, to find out more about the princess herself."
I think social networking sites have also redefined the Asian concept of "face." Whereas before, any "scandal" could cause you to wish you had another face, being a "face" in a cyberbook could offer you other "faces" to wear when one gets "scarred." Whether that is a bad or good thing is rooted in what technology is - it is a double-edge sword, held by the complex nature of a Homo sapience armed with a click of button.
But if you think that you are a wholly held ransom by social networking sites, you should know abut a study done by scientist who found that our "genetic traits" also play a role in shaping these flipping worlds of cyberspace that we turn by our keystrokes. The study is called "Model of genetic variation in human social networks" by James H. Fowler at etc...
In summary, their study showed that several individual traits that shape the networking sites are genetic. If a social networking site were a building, think of these elements as the "foundations" : "how many times a person is named as a friend" (in-degree) and a "the likelihood that two of a person's contacts are connected to each other" (transitivity). The study showed that these foundations were largely influenced by genes.
How did they determine this? They used identical twins as the experimental group and the non-identical twins as the control group. Identical twins share the same genes having come from the same egg. In the study, the identical twins largely scored the same in those two "foundation." This provides good evidence of the pull of nature at work - you very own genes affecting your own choices. This means that the way you behave or misbehave in a site could not be solely influenced by the technology freedom the site offers you but also of your own genetic factors which influence your own "sociability" as a person. It means that if you were, like me, born to gravitate to a close circle of friends more that to a wide universe of emoticon-sending people (sincere and casual alike) then that is you will behave, whether if social network or in an actual crowd of people in four dimensions.
Indeed, the worlds shaped by 0s and 1s are continually shaping who your are as a human being. But you also meet technology's chisel with you inner biological shaping tools, the letter of your DNA:ATCG. They too influence your choices to tag him, invite her, share the connection, play the game, Darwin will still see that it is still nature in a face-off with nurture as it has always been since life began. They are still at it but this time is a game of CLICK....
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What are feeling: Feelings are our emotions. They are what happens deep down in our hearts, as a reaction to what we experience, or what we think, or how we respond. As a matter of fact, everything about us registers not only in our minds, but also in our hearts, so that there is a corresponding feeling to everything that takes place in our lives. Someone who says he does not feel anything actually feels numb.

There are four primary feeling, namely;
Sadness – Grief, loneliness, guilt, regret, pain, depression are all auxiliary to sadness.
Happiness – Joy, ecstasy, fulfillment, excitement, peacefulness are kind of happiness.
Fear - Anticipation, doubt, hesitancy, fright, worry, anxiety can fall under fear.
Anger – Hatred, rage, exasperation, hostility, indignation, frustration, animosity, and so on.

Feelings are neither good nor bad. Feeling frustrated, or being annoyed, or experiencing fears and anger do not make one a good or a bad person, Feelings area not moral but simply factual. It is our response to our feelings that can be judged good or bad. But the feelings per se are not wrong. For example, if a woman falls in love with a priest, that is not a sin. But if she flirts with that priest or nurtures her emotions – now, that is sinful.

It is important that we are convinced that feelings are not immoral so that we can be free to face and accept our feelings. In other words, I must be able to say, without any sense of moral reprehension, that I am afraid, or angry, or sexually aroused.

The next step to emotional openness and honesty should be an integration of my emotional reaction to my mind and will. I can decide if and now I will act, or not act, on my feelings.

Repression – it is unconsciously denying or ignoring painful feelings. Louis van Dans puts it very aptly: “Repression is a psychological swallowing, a pushing down, an exclusion from our unconscious mind that we find painful.”

If that was all there was to it, it would be a somewhat happy solution to handle anything that is painful. But in this case, the “cure” is worse than the sickness.

Anything that is buried alive remains alive, festering in the subconscious. By festering, I mean it acts like a n echo chamber aggravating and intensifying all the hurts in the present that are similar to the ones which we repressed. And the emotional turmoil resulting continues until that which was repressed can come again, and be seen and accepted in a new light.

Many of us do not realize that something has been repressed can be alive and festering 5,10,15 years later, even though we have seldom thought of it during this time.

Practically, most of us do not accept in our day-to-day living that emotions are neither good nor bad. We exercise a strict censorship of our emotions. If our censoring consciousness do not approve certain emotions, we repress these emotions into our subconscious mind. Experts in psychosomatic medicine say that the most common cause of fatigue and actual sickness is the repression of emotions. The fact is, there are emotions which we do not want to admit. We are ashamed of our fears, or we feel guilty because of our anger or emotional-physical desires.
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Herbs and spices add flavor to food, but it may come as a surprise that they are good for the heart, too, protecting your health with every pinch and dash.
While herbs and spices have become kitchen superstars in the past century, they have been used as traditional medicine dating back to the earlier civilizations.
Scientist name seven super spices such as cinnamon, ginger, oregano, red peppers, rosemary, thyme, and yellow curry….

For one, spices are extremely rich in antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by the effects of harmful environmental factors and free radicals that get past the body’s defenses.

They boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic ailments.
Studies also indicate that herbs and spices hay help curb hunger and boost metabolism, making it easier to manage weight.

Here is the lowdown on the seven super spices and how they function as natural health supplements:

Cinnamon… this fragrant spice is used in both sweet and savory dishes. It has one of the highest antioxidant levels found in any spice. It is also rich in natural compounds called polyphenols, which function like insulin and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Ginger… it contains as many antioxidants as a cup of spinach. Its active ingredient, gingerol, has long been associated with relieving pain and inflammation and is a natural remedy for indigestion, arthritis, nausea and migraines.

Oregano… it has one of the highest antioxidant levels. A teaspoon of dried oregano leaves has as much antioxidant as three ounces of almonds and one-half cup of chopped asparagus. Oregano contains rosmarinic acid, which helps fight the growth of bacteria and parasites.

Red peppers… Capsaicin is the powerful compound in peppers that gives chillies their heat. The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin you’ll find. Cayenne or ground red pepper contains the most, yet all red peppers, including chili powder and the milder paprika, are good sources of antioxidants. Red peppers can also help you eat less, as capsaicin increases satiety or a feeling of fullness. Studies show that people who eat food with rep pepper eat fewer calories during the meal and even on the next meal. Peppers also help boost metabolism by increasing calorie burning.

Rosemary… Commonly found in Mediterranean cuisine, this aromatic herb is packed both with flavor and antioxidants.

Thyme… One teaspoon of thyme has the equivalent antioxidants found in a carrot or half a cup of chopped tomatoes. It also contains healthy compounds called flavoniods that increase its antioxidant capacity and may offer anti-inflammatory and are-related benefits such as maintaining cognitive function and promoting healthy heart.

Yellow Curry…Turmeric, the ochre spice found in yellow curry powder, is a concentrated source of antioxidants, comparable to strawberries, raspberry and cherries. A teaspoon of curry… which contains turmeric and other spices has as much antioxidants as one-half cup of red grapes. Evidence suggests that curcemin, the bright yellow compound in turmeric, may help inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce inflammation, and safeguard the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.
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Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles

"The boneless tongue, so small and weak, can crush and kill,"
declared the Greek.
The proverb wisely saith, "a lengthy tongue, an early death." Sometimes it takes this form instead: "Don't let your tongue cut off your head."

While Arab sages this impart: "The tongue's great storehouse is the heart."
From Hebrew wit, the maxim's sprung: "Though feet should slip, don't let the tongue."
A verse from scripture crowns the whole: "Who keeps the tongue doth keep his soul."

There are some silent people whose praises should be sung;
They preach a mighty sermon by guarding well their tongue.
Wise is the person who knows what to say and when to say it.
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MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Coast Guard on Wednesday lauded local fisher folk for helping out in the efforts that led to the immediate and safe return of some 100 melon-headed whales stranded off the coast of Romblon on Tuesday

The latest stranding happened on the heels of an earlier similar incident in Bataan where some 300 melon-headed whales suddenly emerged off the shore off Pilar and Orion towns. Local fishermen and authorities waded into the water and successfully drove the whales away, but not after three whales had died.

Over the weekend, around 200 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins also found their way off the shorelines of the Narcoopa Beach on King Island, a part of Tasmania. Only around 60 of them were safely ushered back to the sea.

SYDNEY – Rescuers used jet skis, backhoes and human muscle to save dozens of whales and dolphins stranded on a beach in southern Australia on Monday, officials and news reports said.

The 194 pilot whales and half a dozen bottlenose dolphins became stranded on Naracoopa Beach on Tasmania state's King Island on Sunday evening — the fourth beaching incident in recent months in Tasmania.

Strandings happen periodically in Tasmania as whales pass by during their migration to and from Antarctic waters, but scientists do not know why it happens. It is unusual, however, for whales and dolphins to get stranded together.

Chris Arthur, of Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service, said 54 whales and seven dolphins were still alive when the rescue effort began. By late Monday, 48 animals had been returned to the sea by officials and more than 100 King Island residents who had volunteered to help.

Backhoes dug trenches in the sand that allowed water to get close to the whales, as volunteers doused them with water and draped wet fabric over them to keep them cool.

It was not clear why the animals had beached on the island, halfway between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The Examiner, a Tasmanian newspaper, reported that the animals were caught by a very low tide.

In January, 45 sperm whales died after becoming stranded on a remote Tasmanian sandbar, even though rescuers worked for days to keep them cool and wet as they tried to move them back to the open water.

Last November, 150 long-finned pilot whales died after beaching on a rocky coastline in Tasmania. A week earlier, rescuers saved 11 pilot whales among a pod of 60 that had beached on the island state.

The series of whale stranding has already prompted the International World Ocean Conference to take up the matter when its members convene, the report added.

Perplexed experts have yet to ascertain the actual cause of the unusual behavior of the whales, with some attributing it to a seismic movement beneath the ocean while others saying such whales tend to stay close together at all times.
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Last March 15, 2009 at around 12 a.m. I was browsing a channel fortunately channel 7 was still sign-on so I watched their midnight news… I was shocked by the news abount BFAD advisory that there are two batches of peanut spreads to be contaminated with Salmonella and warned the public not to consume them.

In Advisory 2009-002 dated March 12, the BFAD ordered the immediate recall of the following products:

• Yummy Sweet and Creamy Peanut Spread 490 grams (Batch 11240810), with expiry date of May 24, 2009

• Yummy Sweet and Creamy Peanut Spread 224 grams (Batch 3040905), with expiry date Sept. 4, 2009

"To date, the Bureau of Food and Drugs has not received any adverse events associated with the consumption of the peanut spread products identified above. Further, the Bureau has directed the manufacturer to undertake immediate recall of the affected products identified above, is undertaking close monitoring on the establishment's action, comprehensive audit and inspection on the manufacturing practices of the establishment and pursuing appropriate actions to protect public health and welfare."

BFAD said those who think they might have become ill from eating the spread should consult a doctor.

According to Wikipedia, Salmonella infections are zoonotic; they can be transmitted by humans to animals and vice versa. Infection via food is also possible. A distinction is made between enteritis salmonella and typhoid/paratyphoid/salmonella, whereby the latter because of a special virulence factor and a capsule protein (virulence antigen) can cause serious illness, such as Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Serovar Typhi, or Salmonella typhi). Salmonella typhi is adapted to humans and does not occur in animals.

Enteritis Salmonella (e.g., Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica Serovar Enteritidis, for short Salmonella enteritidis or Salmonella typhimurium ) cause diarrhea which usually heals spontaneously and does not require antibiotic treatment. However, people at risk such as infants, small children, the elderly, HIV patients and those with suppressed immunity can become seriously ill (general infections).

Salmonella can survive for weeks outside a living body. They have been found in dried excrement after over 2.5 years. Sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) accelerates their demise; they perish after being heated to 55 degrees C for one hour, or to 60 degrees C for half an hour. To protect against salmonella infection, it is recommended that food be heated for at least ten minutes at 75 degrees C (temperature at the center). The bacteria are not destroyed by freezing. Salmonella die rapidly in acid media, and common disinfectants destroy them within a few minutes.

Very alarming isn’t…. I was saddened by the news coz I cannot scoff even a pinch of peanut butter unless the advisory will be lifted by BFAD….
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In this world of shifting jobs, multiple tasks, and instant-everything, a daily dose of wit and laughter can save the urban dweller from the stresses of a fast-paced life. And what could be a more accessible remedy to the attention-deficit viewer than a five-minute comedy program on TV that airs six times a day?

This novel concept of Camera Café has captured the imagination of a great part of Europe and has become a phenomenal success in that part of the world. And now, it’s about to capture Asia as well!

French-born comedy show Camera Café, adapt it to the local situation in the country.” Thus, the Pinoy creative team thought of ways of making it closer to local audiences without losing the original flavor of Camera Café.

Since it was aired sometime last year… I became a big fan of it…. It subtle the audience who look for a lighter side rather than a melodramatic soap opera at primetime…Sometime we need to relax and look for an alternatives who give us medicine to this stereo type of life that always magnified by giant channels. I don’t see the logic why everyday you’ve been experiencing such traumatic life yet you still want to see it portrayed by people who shared same problem… just like the character they’ve been portraying… all I can say is “why?” why do we need to torment if we have choices...

I adore the characters which are affluent in delivering each line… just like in real office … during chitchat… hahahahahahahaha… I highly recommend the public to watch and give them the highest rating….
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It was more than luck that saved him from a deadly combination of hypoglycemia and mild hypothermia at high altitudes.

If you’re a mountaineer, you’ll understand what it’s like to be in Mount Apo for the first time. On that particular climb in April 2005, their group was supposed to stay for only three days. But feeling bitin, they’ve decided to stay an extra day. All 12 of them who went on the climb were all experienced mountaineers.

On their fourth day, they were scheduled to start their descent. Being allergic to chocolates, He didn’t take anything for breakfast, since his co-mountaineers made chocolate pancakes. Instead of eating, he went sleep until late that morning. When he woke up, he had a stomachache… he thought…. He’s just hungry… he took some bread, but the pain became intense, like he had a bad case of LBM…

Five hours into their hike back, his head started to feel heavy… he shrugged it off, thinking it was just fatigue. An hour later, he was having stomach pains, a headache, and nausea. But still, he kept on pushing because all he wanted was to get to the jeep that would take them back to Davao City. Five minutes before they’ve reached their pick-up point, he was vomiting heavily, feeling dizzy and disoriented.

The last thing he remembered is seeing the national rock and a small waiting shed along the curve. He put his pack of the ground and sat down. That was when he had convulsions and attacks, which he have no memory of.

It took a while for the jeep to arrive. His co-mountaineers said that he was unconscious for about two hours. He was breathing heavily, shaking violently, and uttering incoherent phrases the whole time. Fortunately, he was with the most competent mountaineers…

One was even medical student…. Immediately they warmed him up and massaged his lymph nodes and the pressure points in his feet. They gave him candy to chew and made sure that he was in a comfortable position, securing his head and his neck from impulsive movement. They also massaged some warming oil on his chest to keep him from getting too cold… Ammonia was also used to stimulate his senses….

A story that quit similar happened to me, though I’m not a mountaineer but wish to be one of them….I too experienced hypothermia which I’ve already posted… having such incident is a excruciating…. you’re body temperature will suddenly drop down to normal level… the frigid start from down your feet upward with involuntary movement of the muscles accompanied by severe pain…. But fortunately I’m still alive and I thank God for saving from such dreaded illness….
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I wish you to comfort on difficult days,
gentle hugs when spirits sag,
courage to know yourself
humility to accept the truth
and love to complete your life....

In life, you can buy gifts but not love
you can fake a smile but not happiness
you can lie to others but not to yourself...
you can buy anything that you're eyes can see but not thy soul
you can buy freedom but not justice
so seek not earthly things, instead invest on your soul...
be humble in everything you do, speak, and think...

God's love is like a candle in the dard
no matter how gloomy your world may be,
just one little light of his love is
enough to bring warmth and light.
Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave footprints
in your heart....
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Last night March 12, 2009 the pilot episode of Qtube that deals with the binary world. I was entertained by the fact that they’ve featured interesting topics, but first I must congratulate the two host namely Andi/Andy their perfect duo and fit for the show hope they could give more insight about the digital world.

I must say Love Añover of “Unang Hirit” found her fiancé in social network and you must see the guy proposal in sagada waterfalls to her and you might carry away. Knowing that this person is jolly and humorist….. They’ve also featured Awesome Planet a blogger icon where he devoted his time 24/7 a serious one…. Huh…
I agreed to him blogging is a sober business it needs your time 24/7 just to update and be with your co-blogger… but I still admire this fellow beside his devoted time to his blog he has still precious boding moment with his family….. Flippish I was trailed by this site coz it makes you pause your hip tic world and take lighter side of you…. But the most staid one was the virtual real state brokerage where he earned 3x than local counterpart huh….imagined you could earned such amount without going abroad or office… but the adverse of it is you have to work at dead time. That’s un-cool you might envy your family who are in there comfort zone… I suggest that when they show a site which is very relevant to us(viewer)… they must give ample time for the viewers to jot down…

About the hosts

She is a radio and video jock, while he is a sports jock. She is a commercial model, while he made it big on the ramp. Meet Andi and Andy, hosts of the newest and hippest show on TV – Qtube!

With their combined wits and energies, their chemistry, and their on-air charisma, Andi and Andy bring to the screen a freshness that’s rarely seen on TV. Having strong presence online and being tech-savvy themselves, both carry unique insight into the world of cyberspace.

Andi Manzano

She is more popularly known as Andi9, FM radio disc jock and VJ of an international music channel. At 14, she entered the world of show business as an on-cam talent, and has since made numerous TV and print commercials. In 2006, she became host of a popular morning show on radio, where she got the name Andi9. One year after, she crossed over from radio hosting to TV hosting. In Qtube, she now brings to fore her gift of gab and her magnetic personality.

Andy Smith

Filipino-Australian model, Andy Smith, started as a professional tennis player from Adelaide. At 14, he took up tennis full-time and turned professional at 16. He toured the circuit and obtained significant Australian and world rankings before sustaining an injury. He coached for over a year and took a fateful trip to the Philippines in 2007, when he was spotted in the GMA noontime show, Eat Bulaga. He was quickly signed on by a casting agency as model. The year after, he bagged a prestigious bikini summit title. Andy now brings to Qtube his dynamic persona and his drop-dead gorgeous looks.

As a whole the show is perfect, and I recommend to all the tech savvy people to watch the show every Thursday night at Channel 11….
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Most of us won't live 104 years, but we can learn form Tamer Lee how to enjoy each day that we are given

Laughter "a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken" True happiness begins deep inside and emerges on our faces...

The Lord "The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility". When God is central in our hearts, He can teach us His way through every experience of life.

The Little Things "Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred". Maintaining loving relationship and enjoying the basic things of life are more important than wealth and success.

Not all of us will live a long time, but we can all live well each day.... with laughter, the Lord, and the little things in life...
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December 18, 2005 would’ve been just another day for Germaine Santos, had it not been for that horrifying car accident that almost took her life. She was coming back from Tagaytay with her brother, mom, and the employees of her training company. As with any out-of –town trip, everyone was excited. They took two cars her brother’s Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Revo. She rode with her brother in his car together with Susan, one of mom’s employees.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. Along the main road in Tagaytay, they saw this white Crosswind coming from the opposite direction. Even from afar, they could see the car was coming towards their lane. Dino, her brother, is a very good driver, but they couldn’t avoid the oncoming car. They’ve thought the driver could be falling asleep at the wheel and then the Crosswind literally veered into their lane.

It was a small road, one that had only two lanes. There was a Volkswagen in front of them, which spun around twice when the Crosswind hit. They’ve thought the Crosswind would then steer clear of them. But the impact was so great. She was literally lifted off her seat and she had to push against the roof of the car to avoid banging her head. Thankfully, she and her brother were wearing seatbelts. They ended up perpendicular to the road. When she turned around, Susan’s head was sticking out of the completely shattered door. She was strewn on the backseat. Susan didn’t bleed right away but later on she would, from her ears. The car was a total wreck.

The accident happened in front of the house of a very active Seventh Day Adventist, and brought them to the hospital. The Crosswind was on the side of the road and its passengers also started coming out of the car, even the Volkswagen that spun with six Korean passengers, survived.


I’ve posted this because of a similar incident happened to me way back when I’m still in elementary, I’ve thought that’s the end of my life when a delivery truck of a will known brand of dairy products smacked me. I was walking at the edge of the road then I have to cross at the other side when I look at both end of the road… there was no vehicle at half kilometer so to my instinct I have to proceed and supposed to be good to go, but to my surprised I woke up in the hospital two weeks after the accident. They’ve told me that I am so lucky … who could ever thought that I could survived such a tragic because I was dragged by a truck 50 meters away from the point of accident and I was kneeling underneath the belly of the monster they’ve thought that I was dead but the doctors were amazed due to no major damages only a one inch cut at the upper right side of my head and bruises. God is so good to me that he give me another life and the company of the truck shouldered all the hospital expenses and even give me two years supply of their products. After that incident everyday for me is miracle and I thank god that he gave me other chance and maybe I still have a task to fulfill….

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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.

The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.

To see what is right and not to do it, is want of courage.

A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do you know that his future will not be equal to our present?

If a man take no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand

by Confucius (Read more inside ..)


May God's love walk before you,
troubles stay away from you,
true friends stand beside you
and love surround you
may God bless you today and always

Someone is loving you
caring for you,
watching over you,
protecting you
Jesus who never fails

No one has traveled the bridge of
success without ever crossing the
sheets of failure God never
promised us an easy journey in
life only safety on board... (Read more inside ..)


Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.

A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake.

It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I believe.
I do and I understand.

by Confucius (Read more inside ..)


Master rapper “Francis M” passed away yesterday noon I was stunned by the breaking news from Eat Bulaga family that master rapper died of leukemia (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia with Mixed Lineage). Though he was diagnosed of such illness he fought back for seven dreaded months. Imagine how excruciating to undergo clinical procedures such as radiation, and chemo therapy, I.V. isertion plus the fact that having such illness has no assurance of alleviation. I admire him because of his accomplishment to the society… and always fascinated by his song such as “kaleidoscope world”… its tackles about how rude reality was…. not only here in the Philippines but also to the rest of the world…

Kaleidoscope World

So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices
Some are mad, while others laugh
Some live alone with no better half
Others grieve while others curse
And others mourn behind a big black hearse
Some are pure and some half-bred
Some are sober and some are wasted
Some are rich because of fate and
Some are poor with no food on their plate
Some stand out while others blend
Some are fat and stout while some are thin
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world
Some are great and some are few
Others lie while some tell the truth
Some say poems and some do sing
Others sing through their guitar strings
Some know it all while some act dumb
Let the bass line strum to the bang of the drum
Some can swim while some will sink
And some will find their minds and think
Others walk while others run
You can't talk peace and have a gun
Some are hurt and start to cry
Don't ask me how don't ask me why
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world

To my master rapper farewell and it is the happybattle for everyone who have greatest crusade against cancer and my God abide you to the second coming of our lord… Hope that someday your dreams may come true that there will be no more iniquities in life… and that’s the promised of our lord…

What is Leukemia...

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV (Read more inside ..)

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