December 18, 2005 would’ve been just another day for Germaine Santos, had it not been for that horrifying car accident that almost took her life. She was coming back from Tagaytay with her brother, mom, and the employees of her training company. As with any out-of –town trip, everyone was excited. They took two cars her brother’s Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Revo. She rode with her brother in his car together with Susan, one of mom’s employees.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. Along the main road in Tagaytay, they saw this white Crosswind coming from the opposite direction. Even from afar, they could see the car was coming towards their lane. Dino, her brother, is a very good driver, but they couldn’t avoid the oncoming car. They’ve thought the driver could be falling asleep at the wheel and then the Crosswind literally veered into their lane.

It was a small road, one that had only two lanes. There was a Volkswagen in front of them, which spun around twice when the Crosswind hit. They’ve thought the Crosswind would then steer clear of them. But the impact was so great. She was literally lifted off her seat and she had to push against the roof of the car to avoid banging her head. Thankfully, she and her brother were wearing seatbelts. They ended up perpendicular to the road. When she turned around, Susan’s head was sticking out of the completely shattered door. She was strewn on the backseat. Susan didn’t bleed right away but later on she would, from her ears. The car was a total wreck.

The accident happened in front of the house of a very active Seventh Day Adventist, and brought them to the hospital. The Crosswind was on the side of the road and its passengers also started coming out of the car, even the Volkswagen that spun with six Korean passengers, survived.


I’ve posted this because of a similar incident happened to me way back when I’m still in elementary, I’ve thought that’s the end of my life when a delivery truck of a will known brand of dairy products smacked me. I was walking at the edge of the road then I have to cross at the other side when I look at both end of the road… there was no vehicle at half kilometer so to my instinct I have to proceed and supposed to be good to go, but to my surprised I woke up in the hospital two weeks after the accident. They’ve told me that I am so lucky … who could ever thought that I could survived such a tragic because I was dragged by a truck 50 meters away from the point of accident and I was kneeling underneath the belly of the monster they’ve thought that I was dead but the doctors were amazed due to no major damages only a one inch cut at the upper right side of my head and bruises. God is so good to me that he give me another life and the company of the truck shouldered all the hospital expenses and even give me two years supply of their products. After that incident everyday for me is miracle and I thank god that he gave me other chance and maybe I still have a task to fulfill….


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