In this world of shifting jobs, multiple tasks, and instant-everything, a daily dose of wit and laughter can save the urban dweller from the stresses of a fast-paced life. And what could be a more accessible remedy to the attention-deficit viewer than a five-minute comedy program on TV that airs six times a day?

This novel concept of Camera Café has captured the imagination of a great part of Europe and has become a phenomenal success in that part of the world. And now, it’s about to capture Asia as well!

French-born comedy show Camera Café, adapt it to the local situation in the country.” Thus, the Pinoy creative team thought of ways of making it closer to local audiences without losing the original flavor of Camera Café.

Since it was aired sometime last year… I became a big fan of it…. It subtle the audience who look for a lighter side rather than a melodramatic soap opera at primetime…Sometime we need to relax and look for an alternatives who give us medicine to this stereo type of life that always magnified by giant channels. I don’t see the logic why everyday you’ve been experiencing such traumatic life yet you still want to see it portrayed by people who shared same problem… just like the character they’ve been portraying… all I can say is “why?” why do we need to torment if we have choices...

I adore the characters which are affluent in delivering each line… just like in real office … during chitchat… hahahahahahahaha… I highly recommend the public to watch and give them the highest rating….


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