Yesterday I was in Tupi, South Cotabato… I thought it was another dull tour of duty but to my surprise it was breathtaking due to the fact that the scenery is quit different coz I’m in the middle of pineapple fields…..

The house of one of our client was in the middle of nowhere and had to ride in a single motorcycle and the painful part of it, the said supposed client was already residing in the proper (town) which is 5 kilometers from my drop point. But no regrets though I have to walk back to main road a kilometer but its worthwhile coz I’ve got lots of pictures taken... promise when I get back to reality I will immediately upload the beautiful views that I’ve shoot during my hike… to continue I’ve waited for a tricycle for almost an hour to advance in another clients which 7 kilometers and mind you the clients resides somewhere in the mountainous terrain so I have to rent the motorbike it’s because the terrain is unforgiving to all types of vehicles…As we are negotiating our way to tough terrain… I was praying that I will surpassed coz the driver is unmindful about his passenger. For we are traveling at the speed of 200kph … maybe because he knows the terrain…. It still tickles in my mind what had happened to us in Palawan…. Kuya Germs and I stumbled, kissing the unforgiving chops of stone… but miraculously we survived the incident....thankfully we've all reached all our clients unscratched... Still people of Tupi are hospitable and very kind to strangers… they’ve even give me a basket of fruits… which I eventually gobbled down the hill…. My work needs a lot of travel but gratifying………


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