Last night March 12, 2009 the pilot episode of Qtube that deals with the binary world. I was entertained by the fact that they’ve featured interesting topics, but first I must congratulate the two host namely Andi/Andy their perfect duo and fit for the show hope they could give more insight about the digital world.

I must say Love Añover of “Unang Hirit” found her fiancé in social network and you must see the guy proposal in sagada waterfalls to her and you might carry away. Knowing that this person is jolly and humorist….. They’ve also featured Awesome Planet a blogger icon where he devoted his time 24/7 a serious one…. Huh…
I agreed to him blogging is a sober business it needs your time 24/7 just to update and be with your co-blogger… but I still admire this fellow beside his devoted time to his blog he has still precious boding moment with his family….. Flippish I was trailed by this site coz it makes you pause your hip tic world and take lighter side of you…. But the most staid one was the virtual real state brokerage where he earned 3x than local counterpart huh….imagined you could earned such amount without going abroad or office… but the adverse of it is you have to work at dead time. That’s un-cool you might envy your family who are in there comfort zone… I suggest that when they show a site which is very relevant to us(viewer)… they must give ample time for the viewers to jot down…

About the hosts

She is a radio and video jock, while he is a sports jock. She is a commercial model, while he made it big on the ramp. Meet Andi and Andy, hosts of the newest and hippest show on TV – Qtube!

With their combined wits and energies, their chemistry, and their on-air charisma, Andi and Andy bring to the screen a freshness that’s rarely seen on TV. Having strong presence online and being tech-savvy themselves, both carry unique insight into the world of cyberspace.

Andi Manzano

She is more popularly known as Andi9, FM radio disc jock and VJ of an international music channel. At 14, she entered the world of show business as an on-cam talent, and has since made numerous TV and print commercials. In 2006, she became host of a popular morning show on radio, where she got the name Andi9. One year after, she crossed over from radio hosting to TV hosting. In Qtube, she now brings to fore her gift of gab and her magnetic personality.

Andy Smith

Filipino-Australian model, Andy Smith, started as a professional tennis player from Adelaide. At 14, he took up tennis full-time and turned professional at 16. He toured the circuit and obtained significant Australian and world rankings before sustaining an injury. He coached for over a year and took a fateful trip to the Philippines in 2007, when he was spotted in the GMA noontime show, Eat Bulaga. He was quickly signed on by a casting agency as model. The year after, he bagged a prestigious bikini summit title. Andy now brings to Qtube his dynamic persona and his drop-dead gorgeous looks.

As a whole the show is perfect, and I recommend to all the tech savvy people to watch the show every Thursday night at Channel 11….


universe said... @ March 13, 2009 at 2:37 PM

great! another interesting show to watch at channel Qtv...

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