Once there was a businessman, a scientist, and a farmer who chanced upon three golden seeds of love. Enamored by its beauty, each one took a seed home.

The businessman put the seed to auction and awarded it to the highest bidder. The business man became the richest man in the world. Sadly, the seed of love remained a seed. The scientist placed the seed under the microscope, researched and analyzed. He then encased the seed in a glass case where the prize of his discovery awaited fame and admiration from the scientific community. But the seed of love still remained a seed.

The farmer, his face gentle and his hands weathered, took the seed and planted it in good soil. He tilled it with compassion and nurtured it with understanding. The farmer offered the golden seed of love to the world.

Like a seed, a Christian’s life is not his own, but an entity that awaits a form of dying so the others may live.


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