A fresh start outdoor, try these easy ways to make your home sparkle from the outside. A new year doesn’t necessarily mean a new house, but you can restore your home’s glory by sprucing it up. Start on the outside, work your way around, then head indoors. That way, even as you’re busy cleaning inside, your neighbors won’t have a clue. Enlist your whole family to help tackle these chores. It’s more fun that way.

• Walk through your yard and pick up any fallen tree branches, rocks, or other unsightly debris before giving your lawn a fresh mow.
• If your patio cushions are in good shape, fend off stains. Replace them with pretty new ones to lift your spirits.
• Brighten plastic resin furniture by sponging it off with a solution of warm water mixed with five to six from of dish detergent.
• Swap in new entry mats on our front and deck doors, they make your home look polished and will help cut down on the dirt and sand your family tracks in.
• Make your grill gleam.
• Use power washer to rinse off the outside of your home, the driveway, even grimy glass top patio tables.
• Gently cover potted plants with plastic bags and ties, spray pots with a hose to rinse away grime. Use a paintbrush to wipe dirt and dust off plants.
• Beautify your yard without the help of a gardener add a wind chime and colorful flowerpots, set up cedar storage boxes with insulated interiors, so you won’t have to haul out an ugly plastic cooler for every party.


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