By cooking meals at home, you get to save money and when you use your kitchen appliances properly, you save energy as well.
• Be energy aware – keep the lid on the pot, use less water when cooking eggs and vegetables. Use a pressure cooker, don’t preheat the oven. If you have an electric stove, switch off the hotplates and the oven sooner, and let the food finish cooking free of charge.
• Get rid of energy guzzlers and check power consumption of any new appliances before you buy them. For example old fridges are very inefficient and they stay on all the time. Buy only the most energy efficient appliances.
• Stand your fridge in a cool place not near the stove or in the sun. Make sure its seals are intact and ventilation grills dust free.
• Defrost regularly, fridges and freezers use more power when they ice up.
• Never heat water on a hotplate, electric kettles are more efficient, but heating water on a gas ring is even more efficient. Heating water consumes a lot of energy, so don’t heat more that what you need.
• Unplug the coffee maker after use, transfer extra coffee into a thermos instead of continuously heating it on the coffee maker.


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