If there's one thing in my life that's missing
It's the time that i spend alone
Sailing on the cool and bright clear water
There's lots of those friendly people
They're showing me ways to go
But I never wanna lost their inspiration

Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
(and) Now that my life is so pre-arranged
I know that it's time for a cool change
Well, I was born in the sign of water
and it's there that I feel my best
The albatross and the wholes, they are my

It's kind of a special feelin
(When you're) out on the sea alone
Starting at the full moon like a lover

cool change

I've never been romantic
and sometimes, I don'nt care
I know it may sound selfish

But let me breath the air

Yeah, let me breathe the air
.....cool change

Yes, indeed, yes, indeed
Yes, indeed, yes, indeed
You know, it's time for a cool, cool change...


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