Three levels of Hyphothermia

Stage 1 - Body temp drops 1.8° to 3.6° F below normal. Mild to strong shivering begins. Hands become numb, and complex tasks are unable to be performed.

Stage 2 - Body temp drops 3.6° to 7.2° F below normal. Violent shivering. Apparent muscle mis-coordination. Victim becomes pale. Smaller extremities may become blue.

Stage 3 - Body temp drops below 90° F. Shivering stops. Difficulty speaking. Sluggish thinking. Amnesia. Inability to use hands. Cellular metabolic processes shut down. Major organs fail. Clinical death occurs. Because of decreased cellular activity in this stage, brain death takes longer. (Which means, however you might be able to think, you are aware that the rest of you is dead, basically.)

Last December 09, 2008 at around 8:30 P.M. I felt the chilling freeze that come beneath my foot then upward. I started shivering my body could no longer bear the excruciating pain plus the involuntary movement of muscles till the break of the dawn… I did not sleep for I’m afraid to end my life just like that… I took a lukewarm water to expel the numbness of my body… to my surprise it work…. So I have to go to work for I have unfinished business to deal with…..

With the help of prayer I’ve overcome such painful and probably the signing off of my life…. I thank God for giving me another chance… Thank you so much……….


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