Water sustains, nourishes and nurture life. In simple words water is the element of life, which is seventy percent of our body is composed of water. Life is so interrelated with water that you can write the story of man's growth in terms of his epic concerns with water. Water plays an important role not only in the process of life but also in the environment. Water is the symbol of change and journey but can be as deadly as fire. Water can pound rocks on a mountain slope, blow like a deadly hurricanes and tornadoes can pierce and cut like spears, water is healer too. Water can soothe, calm, and cool our psyche, but it can also kill, ruin or even put an end to anything. There's always a better end when you are in the middle of the oceans of your worries and trials in life. Water represents the power of the moon so vivid, calm, gentle and kind. But in can also be cunning, proactive and manipulative. It also cleanses our sins and brings us new life as used in the river of Jordan. It can wash away earth, put out fire. Water represent our innocence and true identity in life so fragile and unstable and yet see through abyss of your heart. It flows into your soul like the river that gushes forth into eternal life. Water is the chief universal solvent that can not be destroyed. It is unbreakable. It can not be cut into halves, It can not be pounded into pieces, yet it flows through anything. Water is the symbol of our very existence and the representation of the choices we make out of this life....


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