Most of the time, performing our daily tasks at work may be a matter of routine, but on occasion difficult situations confront us and bring into play the principles we believe in. Such situations require us to take an ethical or moral stand, to review the personal and/or corporate principles that are supposed to guide us in our work, and to choose our action accordingly. Their weight upon our emotions and conscience depends on the gravity of the situation, and sometimes, they may even force us to question the value of being so principled.

It is not easy to keep our principles alive in the workplace in this day and age when more and more people would rather be practical and happy than correct but alone. Nowadays, principles seem to have become not only unfashionable but unrealistic as well. Many will tell us that our principles no longer work in our self-sufficient world, and because we do not want to be so conspicuously friendless or to be labeled a snob or a sourpuss we could be swayed into thinking our principles indeed have ceased to be relevant, particularly when even our superiors and others we expect to be principled are proving to the otherwise.

Being left alone to stand up for what we believe to be right could be a grave test of our maturity as responsible workers. If even the people we look up to are by their actions renouncing their principles in favor of expediency, we could begin to feel really odd and lonely.


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