These foods can help you lose, so stock your pantry, then watch the pounds melt away

Apple - toss your peeler the pectin in apple skin makes you feel full longer.

Green Tea – Tea drinker are 20 percent trimmer, according to a 2003 study in the journal Obesity Research. Black tea is OK too, but a compound called EGCG in green tea gives you the best fat burning results.

Curry – Tamarind, a spice often used in Indian cuisine, contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid that slows down fat production.

Cinnamon – the spice mimics your body’s insulin, which stimulates fat cells and allows excess sugar to move out of the blood. Try to get a teaspoon a day, sprinkle over oatmeal or applesauce.

White Kidney Beans – Add them to your diet to boost your fiber intake and fill you up.


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