The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much

Prayer is the quarter in your pocket when it comes to releasing the vast resources of God's character and blessings in your life. The "muchness" of God stands in sharp contrast to the leanness of our souls, and without prayer we cannot begin to tap into the reservoir of all the He is waiting to bestow on us. When we long for a satisfying taste of His resources, prayer is essential.

James makes it clear that our prayer needs to be "fervent" and "effective" (5:16). God is not into ritual but reality. He wants us to avoid formulaic prayers in exchange for a persistent passion. We are to approach His throne of grace with a keen awareness of our need for Him.

The more we got to God in prayer

Intent to seek His face,

The more we'll want to be with him

before His throne of grace.

Much prayer, much power

little prayer, little power

no prayer, no power...


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