Today’s economic crisis has created challenging and troubling times for many families. AS people struggle to make ends meet in the face of the credit crunch and rising food, education and housing expenses, many are looking for ways to not only cut expenses, but also to make more money. The thought of securing a second job in today’s economy may sound daunting. However, there are many accessible, viable opportunities available that will help to provide that needed supplemental income.

Here are the 10 easy options:

Earn money from your hobbies – Turn your garden into a produces shop, put your wood-shop skills to good use, or offer scrap booking services to friends and neighborhood. For me why not use the web to earn revenue, create your own site of (blog) and update it every now and then to get more traffic, and the blessing will downpour you after…

Put your musical talents to good use – can you play an instrument? Hire yourself to play at small parties, or offer music lessons for a fee per hour.

Have a garage sale – put unsused and unwanted items up for sale.

Put your writing skills to good use – Take advantage of freelancing opportunities or place an add in your local paper to market your writing or editing abilities.

Become a tutor – Fluent in more that one language or a wiz at math, post flyers around your neighborhood or place an ad in the local paper and put your expertise to good use.

Rent a room – If you have a spare room in your house or apartment that is just collecting dust, consider taking in a renter.

Embrace your inner chef – Have a neighborhood bake sale with your famous cookies, pastries and pies or find a local restaurant looking for fresh, homemade pastries.

Party your way to money – Put your party skills to good use by coordinating and planning events like birthday parties, christening, etc. Most parties happen on weekends so these won’t get in the way of weekday work.

Baby-sit for the neighbors.

Become a Sales Agent/Representative of beauty products – the great thing about a freelance sales agent is that you make of it what you want. Whatever your goal may be, you adjust your personal investment of time and effort accordingly.


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