I know what you have done; I know how hard you have worked and how patient you have been…

Do you ever get tired of working?
If you’re the average person, you must be living a routinely life, you wake up, go to work, go back home, sleep, then wake up again the next morning to do the same thing. You’re seldom able to spend your hard-earned money on yourself because you have a family to feed, kids to put through school, monthly utility bills to pay, plus the rent, etc…

Everyday you toil to make a living. It can get burdensome, especially when you’re struggling to make ends meet. You want to quit but you can’t, because people you love are relying on you.

But God sees and appreciates everything that you do out of love and He rewards you for it. Works is a blessing in itself. Without it, your talents would be useless, your family would starve, the children would grow up ignorant, and you’d all probably be homeless.

To be relied on is an even greater blessing. How miserable life must be if nobody needed you. So press on. Your labor of love touches lives.


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