Parties can be lot of fun, but if you’re the host, stress can creep in amidst the celebration.
Food, décor, and the guest list are usually the top priorities of party planning. And the decisions that need to be made can be nerve-wracking. An intimate get together means you can get creative with place cards, invitations, party favors, games, and costumes. Bigger parties need more preparation time, and perhaps, a little less detail. Send E-mail blasts and text invites instead of written invites, and opt for a buffet style meal instead of a sit down arrangement.

Spruce up the venue
• Shake out the doormat, in your entryway, gather all signs of everyday life, mail, toys, shoes, and stash them in closet.
• Skip the heavy bathroom cleanup and focus on what visitors may notice. Squirt toilet cleanser in the bowl. Set out fresh soap and a guest had towel. Give the bowl and rim a quick swish, flush, and get out of there.
• Decide on what music to play. Compile the songs on your iPod and set up the speakers.
• Remove framed photos, decorative vases, and other clutter from your tabletops. Stash them in decorative baskets and tuck them somewhere they will blend in, like the top of bookshelf.

Food for thought
• Put bulky beverage bottles in a large galvanized or plastic tub place the tub in a cool place. You’ve got all instant help yourself cooler.
• If your food’s ready but the guests are late, set your oven to 200F, then cover the dishes with foil and place them in the oven up to 30 minutes.
• Set our snacks in several locations. Have a second platter of each one ready in the kitchen. Place wine bottles or pre made cocktails or punch with the food, set up a bar elsewhere in the room.

Here are some tips, if your guest’s ages range from one to one hundred:
• Set up separate tables for the kids.
Kids cat interact with their peers, while the adults can carry on their own conversations

• Keep everyone entertained
Place disposable cameras and fun hats and accessories at the adult’s tables. Line children’s tables with big sheets of brown paper, and provide a big tub of crayons for doodling away.

• Prepare kid friendly dishes just for the your ones
No extra time to make a separate menu for the adults, they’ll probably enjoy creamy spaghetti and hotdogs with marshmallows so just double up on those.


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