The key lies in establishing good study habits from the very beginning. It can be quite a struggle to get your kids to study every day after school. But homework is a fact after school aged children. As parents, we should aim to make learning at home fun, and not a burden.

Traditionally, parents demand that kids start working on their homework as soon as they get home. But this no longer makes studying effective for children. School can be stressful enough, so they also need to relax before taking on assignments. A few minutes will do; enough time to eat, change clothes, and get organized. Good study habits should already be formed at the start of the school year.

Here’s how:
• Establish a routine
That your children follow study time table should take place at the same time everyday, so that he’ll learn how to schedule his activities. This also gives him a sense of control over how he spends his time.

• Make him study in blocks of time
With breaks in between, no matter how short, breaks can be very relaxing and invigorating. It can also help him get back into the mood. Plan the schedule with your child.

• Turn off the TV
Homework must be finished before watching TV, with no exceptions.

• Pick a good place
The study area should be away from distractions, with a table and chair, good lighting, and comfortable temperature. To keep your child from having to get up every few minutes, the area should already have books, notebooks, and paper and other supplies in place.

• Be advanced
Have your child study his notes as if he’ll be having a quiz the next day (even if there won’t be any). This will help condition his mind, and increase memory retention. Once he develops this habit, he will find it easy to prepare for succeeding lessons.

• Spend time with your kids
The input we give during study periods will help form a bond, and hopefully makes studying more enjoyable. Offer lots of encouragement; for sure, your child will love the attention and the fun.


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