1. If you can’t say something nice, say something nice anyway.
Acting upbeat (smiling and cheerfully greeting all you meet, remarking on every positive thing you notice) improves not just your mood, but might also boost your bank account. Studied executives and found the most successful people gave an average of three compliments a day. Forcing yourself to acknowledge what is good and beautiful trains you to see all the positive things in your environment. Also, when you make other people feel good about themselves, they’re more likely to reflect good vibes back your way.

2. Write away sagging self-esteem
Prop yourself up by writing down everything you’ve accomplished and achieved in, the past twelve months from handling a surly salesperson with dignity to sticking to a challenging diet. When you see all your successes as one impressive collection, your confidence will soar.

3. Pray
Praying can change brain chemistry to help alleviate mild to moderate depression. The nature of prayer doesn’t matter, the key to making prayer effective is a strong belief in “the transcendent” or a power that can change your life for the better that’s what elevates your emotions.

4. Get a runner’s high
When Duke University researchers compared the impact of an antidepressant and aerobic exercise on people with major depression, roughly equal numbers from slightly less than half to more than half improved after four months. But a follow up six months after the study ended revealed that the people who continued exercising were more likely to be partially or fully recovered that those who just took drugs. Vigorous exercise releases chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins which make us feel good.

5. Think small
Overwhelmed by the enormity of all you have to cope with? Consider cleaning out your car or organizing the hall closet. Knocking off one manageable task can bestow the sense of mastery and control you need to tackle big issues. Cleaning not only helps dispel anxiety and nervousness, but looking at a pretty environment your created is miracle mood food.

Lose the blues
Felling blue over a romantic or professional rejection, make a list of al your ex’s faults or the downside of the job you didn’t get. Then remind yourself that only you are in charge of determining your self worth.


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