Jack, a 15 pound cat, took seriously his job of guarding his owner’s backyard. He often scared small animal intruders away, but the owners were surprised when one day the found him sitting at the base of a tall tree, looking up at a large black bear.

Jack hissed at the bear as it wandered into the yard from the nearby woods. The scared bear quickly climbed up a tree. How could a big black bear be afraid of a little kitty?

When something concerns us, what’s our perspective? It’s not what we see but how we see it that reveals our attitude. If we look at life through the lens of our powerful and good God, we’ll trust Him instead of fearfully worrying. When our perspective is right, we can see God and his faithful provision.

When fear and worry test your faith

And anxious thoughts assail

Remember God is in control

And he will never fail

Worry is a burden that God never meant for us to bear.


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