Whatever you ask in My name, that i will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

Five year old Randy wanted a toy stagecoach for Christmas. While shopping with Mom, he found just the one he wanted. It was about 6" long and had cool wheels and dark brown plastic horses pulling it. "Mommy, I want this one. Please!" he begged. As young children sometimes do, he threw a tantrum, insisting that he get that stagecoach fdor Christmas. Mom said, "We'll see," and took him home.

Randy was sure he'd get waht he asked for. Christmas morning came, and he opened that package confidently. Sure enough, it was the stagecoach he had begged for. He was so pleased. But then his older brother said, "You really did a dumb thing to insist on getting that coach. Mom bought you a much bigger one, but when you begged for that little one, she exchanged it!" Suddenly the small stagecoach didn't seem so appealing.

Sometimes we're like that with God. We pray about a specific need and tell Him how he ought to answer. We beg and plead and God may even give us exactly what we ask for. But he may have had something better in mind. Do not presume to know what's best when you begin to pray; but say to God, "Your will be done," Then trust hsi perfect way.


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