Hooray… here comes another version of Total War this time (Empire) that happened between 1700 and 1800 very interesting huh!.... I’ve been avid fan of Rome total war I’ve spend 5 to 6 hours just to play this game coz you can actually command a legion to conquer cities, empire, countries… Thanks to huge epic realistic battles and amazing music tracks that made the whole thing feel even more epic. Years later, Medieval 2 was released, thus improving an already epic game. And then, just when things looked like they could not get any better CA announced that they were working on Empire total war. And now that they long wait is over one can only ask him self: Was the wait worth it? Is the game as good as Rome or medieval 2?

They say the reason they have chosen this era (1700-18900) is because it allows them to recreate naval battles for the very first time and that does sound like a cool addition to the series. Especially as they are claiming to have taken into consideration every aspect of naval combat in the way the missions play. Wind conditions and weather and other things will have a big influence on how you choose the correct tactics to be the victor. You don’t have to be a sailing expert but it may help by the sounds of things.
All of the ocean battles and the already impressive land battles are going to look fairly fabulous too as the game is designed on an all new enhance engine that has allowed the developers to do so much more. If you look at the trailer you can see that the ships look brilliant and the water makes a beautiful backdrop.

Graphics are not all that has improved though using the new engine. In land battles in this title you will now have control of musketeers and canons. According to devs Creative Assembly you will have to master all new formations to use these to your best advantage tactically.

You can now also enter structures which is new and take cover behind things such as walls and rocks. I am particularly excited about engaging in a one on one pistol duel with a leader that is getting on my wick. All of the usual stuff is in this title as well so you can choose to be diplomatic rather than blowing his brains out or indulging in full scale war to get him back.

One thing that should have fans of multi player all excited is the fact that the real time naval battles that this title boasts so much about will be available in multiplayer. A perfect opportunity for you to show your mates that you would have made a much better sea captain than them. Sega seems to thing these battles are so involved that a basic knowledge of sailing may actually turn the game in your favor.
It sounds like this title has loads to offer especially if you are a fan of the genre or the franchise. It is available in stores today.

But one thing for sure, I will spend the rest of my day just to play the game…. I can’t wait to try it… I will explore the entire metro (internet shop) for that game only…


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Total War (Empire)is one of the nice game. nice video sharing.

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