I came across with this article that I’ve read and I was touched by the story of a couple who lost their beloved daughter, so I want to share it with you…

Her name was Vanessa Valle Castillo married to Derrick Castillo whom they have daughter name Marriane Betina.

Marriane Betina has fair complexion, brown hair, gray eyes, and tiny red lips. But Rianne’s beauty was beyond good looks. She was also smart, kind, and sensitive. She asked for a globe when she was four years old so she could study the continents. One time after she bought her some sweets, she passed a lola with her grandson scrounging for food in the garbage. Her mother asked her if she wanted to give her sweets to them, she answered, “Mom, this is dessert! We have to buy them real food first before we give them these.” Rianne commented, she was every parent’s dream child.

In July 2005, at five years old, she was diagnosed with dengue. She had very high fever and low blood pressure. Both parents cried it was the first time Rianne was hospitalized.

In October, Rianne got high fever again. At the hospital, the doctor said Rianne had to be admitted ASAP. They found cancer cells in her blood. Her mother collapsed…. She had a acute myelogeneous leukemia, a cancer of the blood usually found in adults. Before they’ve started the treatment, they’ve talked to Rianne and assured her that the doctors would do everything they could, and told her the consequence that she may lost her hair and that she might die. Rianne’s answer crushed her mother. “But I don’t wand to die, mom. I won’t be able to see, hug, and kiss you.” How do you tell your five year old daughter that it was OK to die?

Both parents tried to explain that she was very lucky girl; that if she dies she will finally get to see Jesus. She uttered, “Mom, when I die, tell everybody to wear pink because it’s a happy color. I will be happy to see Jesus.” They cried and cried until they fell asleep.

They’ve endured months of chemotherapy sessions, blood transfusion, and blood tests. Every time she was in pain she would shout, “Jesus, have mercy!” She would sing “Angel of God, my guardian dear….” As if the song would somehow ease the pain.

Before Christmas, Rianne fainted and was rushed to the hospital. When her mother went to her side, she touched her face and asked, “How come I can see everybody but not your face, mom?” Her mother closed her eyes and prayed hard….

Her mother could no longer endure the pain so she left the ICU for five minutes but when her husband asked him to come up, she ran as fast as she can but Rianne was gone. She was gone.. and all she could remember was her pain….

Her mother cried every day after that, she missed Rianne so much. But God has his way of telling her that she’s OK. One day, after dreaming of Rianne, she woke up smiling, knowing she had become more beautiful because she accepted her death and trusted Him…


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