Do not seek your own interest, but rather that of others….
“To live so that others can breathe and lived” In living this out, We have to strived to become more generous, conscious to cheerfully extend ourselves in service to others.

I’m not talking of anything fancy or earthshaking here. Just random acts of kindness, it could be the ever ready messenger, cook, driver, fundraiser, solid shoulder or the listening heart to sob stories to family, friends and colleagues. It could mean giving a smile or a warm greeting to strangers we’ve encounter. Volunteerism has even taken a new dimension, from simply forking out some extra change, we’ve learned to actually give our time, talent and treasure regardless of inconvenience or sacrifice. The sight of a face that brightened up with a big smile or glowing eyes is a reward in itself.

When we look beyond ourselves, our little gestures could actually touch hearts. As we make people “breathe easier” that’s enough from them to see God work out His little miracles.

Am I a WIIFM asking “what’s in it for me?


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