The most influential people in the world, read the banner story of an international magazine. It was referring to individuals who, by virtue of their character, their drives and their dreams, changed the world and made history. They were presented under the classification of leaders and revolutionaries, heroes and pioneers, scientists and thinkers, artist and entertainers, builders and titans. Because of their influence, people listen, follow, believe and emulate them.

But the reality is that their knowledge and sphere of influence plus the power, authority, and prestige that go with it are limited to that category only. Nother more.

God authors everything. He alone is the most influential in this world. If only we listen, believe, obey and follow Him, His goodness, blessings and beauty will abound. Without limit. Without boundary. In him, there should be no room for questions, doubt, fear, sadness or conflict within us.

Who do I believe in? Who do i follow? Who do I trust to make a difference in this world?

My Lord God, You are the Most High. It is you that all beauty, goodness, and truth have their roots. I entrust my life to you....


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