Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ…

When we started to building our house, the plan called for a 10 months construction period. So when we reached the 15th month of construction, anxiety crept on us. We had chosen to purchase practically all the finishing materials and the interiors.

The purchase list was long and we had lots of errands to run. It ate into our regular schedules and into our nerves. The excitement was turning into frustration.
But as we looked at how the house took shape and our God ordained encounters in purchasing the materials, His grace and peace filled us. We were able to witness to the suppliers by not compromising correct transactions with the proper receipts just to get savings. We put a lot of time in customizing our etched glass display so that it conveys its Christian meaning clearly to those who enter our home.

All these realizations drowned our frustrations. When the time came for the house to be blessed, we had pure joy that filled our hearts for a long time.
Are anxieties leading you to frustrations and inaction? Think of how God has blessed you and grace will surely follow.


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