Because of this, God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name….

Thor, Mars, Poseidon, Mercury. These names remind us of thunder, war, the sea and messenger whose feet had wings. Jordan, Jabbar, Lebron, Patrimonio, Basketball and athleticism at its finest…Alexander d Great, Julius Ceasar, Genkis Khan, Great conquerors…

Many names evoke certain images when we hear or say them. Above all these, the name of Jesus stands out. It means love, goodness, mercy and sacrifice, Messiah, God.
If you want you want to be identified with Jesus, make sure that when people say your name, it will evoke the same imagery. When they speak your name, people should think of generosity. It must bring up memories of compassion and honesty. When friends speak of prayer and God’s Word, it’s good that your name is on top of their list.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want the mere mention of your name to create tension and uneasy silence. Or be associated with gossip, slander or malicious rumors.
We live our faith and carry the name of Jesus. What we do should always be a reflection of His person. If we call ourselves Christians, we should always take care of Jesus name.

Are you living up to your name and identity as a Christian?


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