"I tell you to everyone who has, more will be given"

I love the parable of the Ten Gold Coins. This parable is a constant reminder that we have all been given gifts and that these were not meant to be buried or hidden, but constantly shared and improved.

I believed that it is our God given duty to become the best of who we are. Yes, oftentimes the pursuit of excellence is an uphill climb full of challenges and difficulties. It means recognizing and accepting the things we are really good at and making it our mission to use our skills and talents to bless the world.

It means taking on more responsibility. It means a lot of hard work stretching and pushing ourselves to learn more, do more, live more. But I have learned that it is in exploring and honing our potentials that we become more and more our true selves. I believe that God delights in our efforts to discover and improve ourselves.


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